Recognised as one of the most promising double bassist of his time, MARC-ANDRÉ brings a completely new approach to his instrument by exploring the soloistic capabilities.Seduced by a burning desire to change the world of classic music, Marc-André’s playing can only be described as “the most exquisite and elegant sound on the double bass. Driven by a missionary passion and adding to all this his wonderful musicality, he is able to push new boundaries and is of course completely at ease with his double bass in concertos as well as in chamber music.” (ICMA)


Marc-André completely redefines the possibilities of the double bass, reaching millions of people through social media with a devoted, international fan base that continues to grow. Combining both the fashion and music world together has led him to unify generations of music lovers and reach a much wider and diverse audience. 


Born in 2002 in Vienna, Marc-André always felt grateful for spending his childhood in the city of music. “The combination between growing up with a family of musicians while absorbing all the culture Vienna has to offer gave me the most inspiring environment to find my own purpose”, he says. “Becoming a musician was a natural conclusion”.


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